I have been typing on ErgoDox for about 6 months now. And I may have configured it probably 10 times. I also own Advantage Kinesis, and I have used that for good 3 - 4 years. I loved my kinesis, until I met ErgoDox.


All my configurations are done using graphical configurator. My configuration can be found here. Although, I am considering using QMK configurator for tap dance and other fine tuning.

One of the great things about ErgoDox is the dual function keys and layers. All of my asdf and jkl; keys are dual keys. Tap them, and they act normal, hold them they become modifier keys. Although, I feel like dual keys are slower than normal keys. One of the other reasons I want to tweak it using QMK.

My TT1 button works as a tap and hold button for switching layers. Tap once, switch to Layer 1, Tap again go back to Layer 0. I can accomplish the same by simply holding and then releasing the button. Simple. And you can have a lot of layers.

I don’t have any crazy setup. It works for me and I have been constantly tweaking it based on my needs. And that is the main reason why I love this keyboard.